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Sharing by Speaking,
Ask me, I know.
Nancy is a registered nurse and has been living with kidney disease since 1959. 

She was chosen by the "Life and Death Committee" to   receive dialysis in Seattle in 1966.

Her dialysis took place over night for 8 hours, in center and later at home, from 1966 to 1972.
She did 4 hour sessions, 3 times a week, at 2 different periods in the 1980s.  
She also performed peritoneal dialysis for 5 years in the 1990s, doing exchanges at home, in airplanes, hotels, at work, and at friend's homes. 
She dialyzed a total of 15 years, interrupted by 4 transplants, all successful.

Skills that Nancy can offer, as a speaker, having uncovered them while working as a nurse and surviving as a kidney patient:
  • Realizing that getting through our tough times can strengthen us
  • Setting goals
  • Setting limits
  • Balancing our lives with stimulating activity and healthy living
  • Finding hope and silver linings in life events
  • Healthy ways to help deal with chronic illness in families
  • Finding new solutions and alternate routes around road blocks in life
  • Understanding dialysis history and how it changed the lives of so many
  • Explaining nutrition and sodium restrictions for survival
  • Rehabilitation, getting patients back on their feet
  • Custom designing a special talk for your needs
  • Witness in renal disease cases
  • Consulting
  • Patient Advocacy


Nancy's History of Hope
Ask me, I know.
Nancy H. Spaeth

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Nancy with Dr. Scribner in 2001


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Sharing by Speaking
Nancy H. Spaeth